The sudden interest in photography

I had always thought that photography was nothing more than pressing a button to capture a moment of some sorts. Never did I think of the things you could do with a camera – it just did not interest me at all.

On my second year at the Estonian Academy of Arts we had this class where we were supposed take a photo based on another photo. It was not as simple as I just described but the details of the assignment do not matter right now. What mattered  at the time was Continue reading

Flat & minimalistic Yordles

I was looking around on Dribbble when I accidentally stumbled upon an ongoing project about superheros.  The project was very appealing to me since I’m into that kind of stuff. It was about re-creating  popular superheros and their associates, but doing it very minimalisticly. The designer behind this geekery is named Tyler DeFazio. So I wanted to give him credit for inspiring me through his amazing work. Thanks! Also, I would like to thank Riot Games for providing me and many other gamers around the globe with this amazing game – League of Legends.

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Project: ‘Weekly Challenges’

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It has been a month now since the launch of “Weekly Challenges” – a project by me and my colleague Holger. The main purpose of our endevour is to constantly keep developing our graphic design skills in areas different from our everyday work and school assignments. It is to broaden our knowledge and vision of design and to seek more and more challenges in it. Up to now we have been dabbling in UI/UX  (user-interface, user-experience) design. Pretty much changing the existing UI of different applications to fit our vision and not only to refresh the look, but also consider adding or changing the functions of some elements as well. I think it really helps me notice more of the details when I’m trying to recreate or change something myself. It’s like taking things apart and putting it back together differently while trusting your instincts.

So why don’t I do this project on my own? For me it’s Continue reading

Garage48 Tallinn Music 2013

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Me and my fellow colleague Holger decided a long time ago to attend this event, so we did. I got my name badge which said „Designer / UX Guru” and on the back there was an empty pink post-it note. Every role had a post-it note of different color. There were visionaries, front-end developers, back-end developers, marketers and designers. The main goal was to develop Continue reading

How I got into graphic design..


I think it was the Summer of 2005 when my friend Hans Keerberg introduced me to forum based pixelcar-tuning games. Since I was really into drawing cars it seemed like the greatest game ever.  The idea is somewhat simple.

You create an account and get some starting money. With that money you go and buy a car. Presuming that you have some money left over, you get to pimp out your ride. Now comes the tricky part Continue reading